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Collectively we all have the knowledge needed to improve our world—from beautifying a community park, instituting organizational change, or improving geopolitical instability. Our goal is to discover shared beliefs through crowd-sourced dialogue and harness this knowledge to help create meaningful change.


The current state of news and social media is that of information overload. Although we’re given access to a wealth of informative content, it’s often difficult to synthesize and discuss that information in a meaningful way. Anonymous comments on news stories can inspire vitriol. Social media harbors a barrage of decentralized, chaotic discussions. And organizations miss critical dialogue to outmoded technology and processes. Around the world, insightful and passionate opinions are lost in the morass of white noise with no platform offering an opportunity for a centralized and civilized debate.

We hope to change that. is a new platform dedicated to flattening the hierarchy of political, social, economic, organizational, and cultural debate. We’ve created a forum analogous to a town square or public park where the community, made up of local and global citizens, come together to respectfully share and debate the topics they care about. Discussions are analyzed by professional researchers who seek to uncover and understand the commonalities among the group. These key findings will lead to insights which are shared with stakeholders and policymakers around the world.

focus is built on the belief that democratic debate breeds innovative solutions. Communities—large and small—deserve to have their voices heard. aims to do just that, addressing a broad range of topics that affect people's lives around the world. All are welcome to participate in a lively debate focused on how we might improve these conditions while sharing those solutions with key decision-makers to affect change. 


This same ideology drives our private initiative called Enterprise. This division of will partner with governments, companies, and organizations to provide our same democratic platform for discourse in a targeted fashion aimed at employees and stakeholders. Our goal is to flatten hierarchies and increase operational transparency, creating efficiencies that improve the work and lives of everyone involved. 

our process runs on the succesful cloud-based discussion and media platform Codigital. We’re able to leverage their robust technology to ensure that our community discussions happen equitably and efficiently. Participants are encouraged to generate, prioritize, and refine ideas until the best co-created insights and solutions emerge. Below is a chronology of a single discussion and outcome:

1. Incite Debate

The community is invited to participate in topics posted routinely through video prompts. Conversations proceed in a linear, threaded structure that encourages a singular narrative without sacrificing the richness of thought stemming from a multitude of diverse voices. Conversations are impartially moderated to ensure people and ideas are treated with respect.

2. Discovery and Analysis

Once a topic has closed, our team of analysts will begin to review the conversations to uncover common beliefs which will inform proposals of new strategies, opportunities, and solutions. These insights and projected alternative scenarios will be shared not only with the community at large, but also with key policymakers in order to affect relevant change.

3. Real Results

Inspiring dialogue isn’t worth much if it isn’t followed by action.’s partnerships inside organizations, public and private, around the world will help ensure that our findings are delivered in an actionable way to the stakeholders and policymakers.

our results

At we seek meaningful change brought on by equitable and honest debates.
Below are possible results from our public and enterprise service: