is an R&D lab for the future.

Collectively, we all have the knowledge needed to improve our world, from beautifying a community park to improving geopolitical instability worldwide. Our goal is to discover shared beliefs through crowd-sourced dialogue to harness this knowledge and help create a profound impact on our world.

The current state of contemporary news and social media is that of information overload. Although we’re given access to a wealth of informative content, it’s often difficult to synthesize and discuss that information in a meaningful way. Anonymous comments on news stories can inspire vitriol while social channels create a barrage of decentralized, chaotic discussions. Insightful and passionate opinions are lost in the morass of white noise with no platform offering an opportunity for a centralized and civilized debate.

We hope to change that. is a new platform dedicated to flattening the hierarchy of political, social, economic, societal, and cultural debate. We’ve created a forum analogous to a town square or public park where the community, made up of local and global citizens, come together to respectfully share and debate the topics they care about. Discussions are analyzed by professional researchers who seek to uncover and understand the commonalities among the group. These key findings will lead to insights which are shared with decision-makers who affect policy change in our world.